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Here are our hot new music releases from songwriter-composer Tyese.Songs from many genres from Pop Rock R&B Romantic Love songs Dance Party Music and smooth sex music available for download in mp3s.
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Discovering new music online is as easy as doing a search for new music online or purchase music online from top new artists but finding New Artists Releases online that is incredible music from indie songwriters and artists is a lot harder.Especially when looking for new music that tugs at your heart or make you want to get up and dance as well as clear the blues away in times like theses.We think you will love this music whether you want great party music or want to download music for having sex and making love,these are great songs.
New Artist Releases that rock from Tyese hits the spot.
Do you you enjoy listening to soft guitar music or smooth jazz songs with sweet gutar melodies?How abouit heart pounding party music that can rock a party?If you enjoy great r&b hit songs and pop love songs you'll find some really good music for download on mp3 here.Enjoy and let the music play on.

New Best Selling Book "The Eve In Us" AudioBook Release

Get ready to enjoy one of our hottest new book releases ever. "The Eve In Us" narrated by female author Phydra Tyese.


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Women are loving this audiobook everywhere (and men too!).Download chapters and enjoy.Listen to the free video chapter below.If you are a woman we are pretty sure you can relate to some or most likely all of the chapters of this wonderful audiobook by Phydra Tyese.
Listen and enjoy the free chapter from this new women's book and purchase/download a few or all of the chapters below.This is a well written and narrated audiobook for women (as well as men that want to get a much better understanding of women).Perfect details of the female experience.Women are relating and loving this book all over the world.. New Bestselling Books Best Audiobooks For Women Download Audiobook   Covid 19 Support    Our Policy
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New Book Releases-The Eve In Us

As we women wake up every single morning and began our day,who knows what each new day will bring from other women.This audiobook is one of the best books for women ever and we are sure you will enjoy it ladies.Be sure to always keep your head up and try to enjoy life and recognize that some of the terrible issues that we face daily might be the result of negative misplaced energy directed at each one of us by a women that might have been a victim of some terrible experience and is still dealing with it while some may simply be outright full of anger just because you get more compliments or the like.Unfortunate yes,but we move on consistently.Why?Because we are built to survive and that we will do.

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Books For Women Just Released

Best Audiobooks For Women Listen to Free Audiobook Samples

The truth is women love hearing stories about women's experiences.This audiobook not only covers women experiences but dirty deeds from women that are close as sisters and beyond but some of our experiences even though painful have to be shared even if nothing more than to enlighten other women.That's what this book sometimes referred to as the women book sets out to do.It is very interesting.Listen to the sample and download the chapters.Enjoy

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~written by Phydra Tyese! This is an audiobook about the true nature of the woman.Why do we as women contribute so much to our own demise.It happens in our relationships,on our jobs,in our churches,and even with our children!This book is a must read for every woman on the planet.It is also a book that will aid men in better understanding who the woman really is,and what she is truly capable of.He simply has absolutely no idea!Don't miss "The Eve In Us"!We are sure that it will be one of our hottest new bestselling books!Another great gift for men and women. This is a powerful audiobook for women!The author hits the mark on this one.This book will stir you to the core of your soul!This audiobook is a must for all women! Prepare yourself ladies!You are about to be deeply inspired by this book.
While there are many new best selling audio books releases that are amazing as well as very entertaining from hard copies,soft copies and audiobooks,this audiobook really hits home with women worldwide.This is one of the best new audiobooks to be released for women in a very long time in our opinion.The author being a woman understands the issues that women face on a daily basis and eloquently narrates the chapters in this new bestselling audiobook.
The author Tyese has recieved amazing reviews from women worldwide and men as well that have downloaded this new best selling book as one of the best gifts for women including wives,sisters,mothers,relatives and friends.This audiobook makes one of the best new books for women
If you are searching for New York best sellers list you may not find this book there only because it is published by independent channels but it is certainly one of the best new released books for women to be released in quite some time and when you listen to the free audiobook samples we are sure you'll agree.

New Best Selling Audio Books

Narrated beautifully and amazingly intense the way women enjoy,this is one of the best books ever.Are we as women much like the original woman of the bible?Do we as women instinctly understand her or can we relate at all is the question we ask.Was the forbidden fruit worth it or not is another question we ask.Prepare yourself.You are about to be blown away much like a huge blockbuster movie that is so good that when it ends you long for more.Download it.Download chapters and email them to your relatives or friends.Is there a woman on the job that is a thorn in your side?Email a copy of the chapter that will make your point.This is one of the audiobooks narrated by a woman that make perfect gifts for mom or your wife.If you are looking for unique gifts for women this one is great and we are sure she will love it.This is great entertainment for women and women's bookclubs.
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Best Audiobooks Narrated By A Woman

It's always a great time to listen and download audiobooks and especially new best selling women's books on audio.Audiobooks popularity has increase over the last few years and not only women but men and children too enjoying listening to new books this way.So many best selling books both new releases as well as older books that good back as far as the bible have been re-released and narrated by men and women and sales have improved as new technology has been used for assembling and recording new books.They were formerly referred to as books on cd but it does appear more often than not that people are downloading audiobooks currently as digital downloads.There are even major brands that specialize in digital books or audiobooks available for download.The convenience is welcomed by shoppers online worldwide.
There are still a great number of book enthusiasts that still enjoy reading a good book but the amount of people that are discovering new audiobooks has been constantly increasing in fact many hard copy books can also be purchased as audiobooks.
Since this book is released by independent publishers you may not find it on popular best sellers list or New York best seller books list but it is a great new best selling book non the less.It's a book to women but it actually a new best seller for all to enjoy.This book is an excellent book club (bookclub) conversation piece and women love discussing it.Be sure to download your copy chapter by chapter.It's well worth it.

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Best New Books Narrated By Female

If your preference is to enjoy top new books narrated by female authors or female voice you will love this book.The female author is very eloquent as well as articulate in her speaking on women's issues being narrated in this book and the wonderful thing is this book is for women and men alike.Women understand and relate to other women daily while men on the other hand are not so keen on women behavior patterns and antics so this proves as a great new book for men as well as the ladies of the world.Countless men have listened and enjoyed this audiobook.It is very enlightening and informative to men.
There has been men and women alike that have downloaded copies for the adult sons and daughters as well as relatives to teach about women issues,women in relationships,christian women struggles with other women and even other relgions as well.
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New books on audio coming soon so stay tuned.We promise to only offer you the best in new books including out top best selling new books.
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New Releases Books

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Audiobooks-Best New Book For Women

Looking for best selling new books for adult women (and men too?)You will love this amazing and incredible new book for women.Are women today similar to our great mother from the bible beginning "Adam And Eve" of Genesis?Listen to this new audio book and then decide for yourself.It is very interesting and women and men love this great new book.
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New Best Selling AudioBooks For Adult Women

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Easily understandable and perfectly narrated by female author.Order this book online now by individual chapters.Very easy to purchase.Buy new adult book for women.Narrated and amazingly intense the way men and women enjoy,this is one of the best new books ever.Are we as women much like the original woman of old that was spoke of in the bible?Do we as compassionate women instinctly understand other women or can we relate at all is the question to ask.Was the forbidden fruit really worth it or not .Prepare yourself.You are about to be absolutely blown away much like a giant best seller movie that is so good that when it's over,you want to enjoy more.Download audiobook now.Download chapters and send them to your relatives or friends.Is there a lady on the job that is a thorn in your side?Email a copy of the chapter that will make your point.

Audiobooks Women

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Kelley Keehn - Award Winning/Best Selling Author from Wyatt Cavanaugh on Vimeo.

Best adult books for women

This book is really an amazingly narrated by female author adult book for women and women are enjoying it everywhere.It is an audiobook that is narrated by female and is being talked about in bookclubs and women circles on the job as well as in meetings and many other events.This book is fantastic and it's not only a great book for women,it's a new best seller for men as well.Most men don't understand women so when they listen to the book chapters from this book they are usually surprised and delighted.This is a wonderful audiobook to enjoy for all adults.It's written about women but it's a really good audio book for all adults. Be sure to check back later for new released audiobooks for both women and men from christian books to adult books as well as drama and romance book releases.

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